Sala de exposiciones de Antoñana

Antoñana exhibition hall


  • Antoñana is a rotating exhibition hall featuring paintings, crafts, farming implements…

  • 945 41 02 26
Museo etnográfico al aire libre de Peñacerrada - Peñacerrada/Urizaharra

Open-air ethnographic museum of Peñacerrada


  • The ethnographic museum houses an exhibition of objects that are mainly of an agricultural nature.

  • 945 36 70 41
Museo-Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Asunción - Peñacerrada/Urizaharra

Museum-Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción


  • Ticket price: Own contribution
    Timetable: Mornings

  • 945 36 70 41
Museo etnográfico Usatxi - Pipaón

Usatxi ethnographic museum


  • This museum is dedicated to showing what life was like in the town at the beginning of the 20th century, as well as farm implements and tools for different trades.

  • +34 608 39 55 16
Centro de interpretación La Traviesa - Lagrán

La Traviesa Interpretation Centre


  • The Interpretation Centre of the GR-38 can be found in Lagrán. It’s a space where audiovisual technologies and simulations allow you to discover and find out about this wine and fish route.

    Next to the interpretation centre is the La Traviesa restaurant via which the centre is accessed.

  • 945 04 68 52
Oficina de turismo comarcal de Montaña Alavesa y centro de interpretación Via Verde del Vasco-Navarro

Basque-Navarre Greenway Interpretation Centre


  • Its carriages can provide us with general information about the Montaña Alavesa region: its history, the activities available, places to visit, accommodation and restaurants, hiking trails, climbing, mountain biking, etc.

  • 945 41 05 77