The Region of Montaña Alavesa, located to the southeast of the province of Álava, is made up of the municipalities of Arraia-Maeztu, Bernedo, Campezo, Lagrán, Peñacerrada and Valle de Arana, distributed between 47 populated areas. It borders, outside Álava, Navarre and the County of Treviño and, within Álava, the Cuadrillas of la Rioja in the south, Añana in the west and Vitoria and Salvatierra to the north.

The Cuadrilla of Campezo-Montaña Alavesa is made up of 6 municipalities: Arraia-Maeztu, Bernedo, Campezo, Valle de Arana, Lagrán and Peñacerrada, distributed between 47 populated areas.

It covers 485.30 km2 of rugged territory, most of the surface of which is above 600 m. altitude.

From the capital of Álava, Vitoria-Gasteiz, you can reach the Montaña Alavesa via the ports of Vitoria (A-2124), Azáceta (A-132) and Opacua (A-2128), depending on the specific area that you want to visit.

Touristic map

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Mapa turístico de Montaña Alavesa